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The presence of healthy living conditions for our residents in our multifamily properties, and for tenants, customers, or visitors to our traditional commercial properties, is a major touchstone for Purple Vetch Properties.  On the housing front, although our doors are always open to all interested and qualified residents, we are particularly sensitive to the lack of healthy multifamily affordable housing living environments for families with children, the elderly, and persons with special needs. With respect to historic buildings used as office, retail, or industrial commercial space, we maintain the same commitment to the healthy quality of work life as we do for residential life and strive to provide alternative work environments alongside of more traditional work space.  Ultimately, we believe that our residents and commercial tenants, and all those who interact with our buldings should have the opportunity to engage with inspiring historic properties, avail themselves of indoor air quality of the finest measure free of toxins and pollutants, partake in the savings and/or health of energy efficiency, and know what it's like to be in a PVP building.


Purple Vetch Properties believes that working with inspiring historic or heritage buildings is the most sustainable thing we can do as a commercial real estate company.  Whether our focus in on historic pre-existing apartment buildings, the adaptive re-use of a historic factory or school for multifamily affordable housing, or for office, retail, or industrial commercial space, we believe that our high performance sustainability plans for commercial properties will extend the life cycle of our buildings, thereby honoring the historical and cultural heritage that the buildings represent, diminish the amount of building materials consumed in the renovation process, tighten the 'building envelope', and maximize the extent to which energy efficiency is achieved and water utilization is appropriately curtailed. These efforts will also inevitably contribute to enhanced appreciation of a property, providing enriched value to investors.


In our multifamily living environments, our residents are provided ample opportunity to create 'community' within their living environment, through meaningful on-going communication with management about how best to serve their needs.  Purple Vetch Properties approaches each apartment complex as a unique system, with its own character and flavor, and its residents are entitled to participate in shaping the creation of their own living community.  PVP also strives to ensure that the residents are given the tools and incentives to interact with the community at large, so that our residents, and the neighborhood in which they live, can mutually benefit.  Our commercial properties that house office space, retail, or industrial space are typically cherished historic landmarks that have been an integral part of the community in which they rest, and our goal is to renew and heighten that role, thereby elevating the presence of the renovated eco-friendly building to an even more esteemed place within the community.  


Purple Vetch Properties is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of all of our properties.  Well constructed historic properties often embody significant energy savings over 'newer' buildings constructed with more energy consumptive materials. Not to mention the sheer impact on the environment that razing a historic building wreaks on our environment.  PVP is constantly exploring ways to use rapidly renewable materials on its multifamily sites and commercial buildings and perform site restoration activities that actually lead to improving the environment.  We recognize that long term effects on our environment are a direct result of a continuous stream of decisions each of us makes every single day.  PVP takes this responsibility very seriously and we strive to continously partake in sustainable activities within the context of operating and managing PVP properties and our other business practices.

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