Self Directed

Many companies now offer individuals the opportunity to 'self direct' their IRA's and 401k retirement accounts, and funds from these accounts, can often be channeled to a wide assortment of investment opportunities, including, but not limited to:

  1. Most Types of Securities
  2. Raw Land
  3. Commercial Property
  4. Investment Property
  5. Foreign Real Estate
  6. Discounted Notes
  7. Tax Liens
  8. Precious Metals
  9. Private limited partnerships (LP's) and limited liability companies (LLC's)

At PVP we personally invest retirement funds through such instruments and will be more than happy to help you learn more about the options available to you from this powerful, yet still relatively un-tapped financial resource. PVP is enabled to receive funds from investors through these self-directed retirement accounts for our syndicated commercial investments.

The use of self directed IRA's and 401K's is an extremely powerful tool for investors who wish to diversify the type of investment instruments available in these accounts, and the manner in which such investment decisions are made. Many people, particularly in the past few years, are 'cash poor' but may have substantial funds within their retirement accounts which are either subject to the vagaries of the stock market, invested in instruments with extremely low interest rates, or sitting in 'cash' and not generating any return whatsoever. PVP suggests that this is a compelling time to re-visit traditional retirement funds and explore how to allocate a portion of these funds to investments ~ real estate or otherwise ~ that may be more lucrative and/or more in alignment with the deeply held values of the investor.

Here are sampling of a variety of companies that offer self directed IRA's and/or 401K's:

The inclusion of these links are not intended as recommendations or endorsements. Rather, as always, it is critical that you do your own due diligence with respect to selecting a company that specializes in these services, so that you can achieve a comfort level with your own choices, and fully understand many of the nuances and IRS imposed technicalities that accompany the management of such self directed accounts.