Why Invest


Why Invest in Historic Properties?

  1. Historic preservation is, in and of itself, sustainable development
  2. Rehabilitation of historic properties is a sound historic preservation strategy
  3. Adaptive re-use of historic properties connects us to our cultural heritage
  4. Historic buildings often already embody significant energy savings
  5. Razed buildings are frequently replaced with 'new' buildings constructed with more energy consumptive materials
  6. Less expensive to renovate than demolish and build new due to historic tax credits and building code adaptations
  7. Historic preservation is the ultimate in re-cycling
  8. Properties within local historic districts typically appreciate at rates greater than the local market overall
  9. Values of historic properties are less susceptible to the volatility of real estate markets during economic downturns
  10. Use of state and federal historic tax credits to re-purpose historic buildings enhances local economic activity
  11. Artfully constructed historic buildings elevate our souls, inspire us, and make us feel more alive
  12. Historic properties are often well suited to be re-purposed for quality affordable housing in the United States

Why Invest in Multifamily Properties?

  1. More stable than the buying individual stocks
  2. Less competition than residential real estate investing
  3. Less risky than most other investments since these investments are secured by a tangible asset
  4. Easier to understand than other types of commercial real estate (e.g. industrial land, office building, shopping center, etc.)
  5. Typically provides greater cash on cash return than comparably valued investments in single family homes
  6. Lower cost per unit than single family homes
  7. Can 'enhance' appreciation of a property without relying on the real estate market to rise
  8. Sheer power of multiple living units provides greater opportunity for leverage of money and time
  9. Easier than single family homes to manage and consolidate
  10. Tax benefits (depreciation, cost segregation, possible deferral of income taxes, etc.) to ownership of multifamily properties
  11. Availability of 'like kind' 1031 exchanges if both relinquished and replacement properties are of qualified use
  12. A great hedge against inflation since rents typically increase with inflation

Why Invest in Multifamily Affordable Housing?

  1. Huge shortage of decent, safe, and sanitary multifamily housing for low to moderate income families with children and persons with special needs
  2. Helps create economically healthy and diverse communities
  3. Supports a more mobile workforce that can adapt to changing economic opportunities
  4. Provides living opportunities not otherwise available in the residential sector
  5. Makes a bigger difference in the lives of more people in one fell swoop
  6. Benefits of multifamily investing enhanced by possibilities of even greater financialreturns
  7. Varied governmental sources for financing make acquisition and rehabilitation of multifamily properties more feasible

Why Invest in 'Green' Multifamily Properties?

  1. Benefits of multifamily investing enhanced by possibilities of even greater financial returns
  2. Reduced expenses = higher Net Operating Income (NOI) = enhanced appreciation of property = better ROI
  3. Potential cost savings on electric, gas, and water usage is measurable and may be substantial
  4. Rising, unstable energy prices due to geo-politics make 'going green' a necessity
  5. Improve the quality of health and life of residents in multifamily properties
  6. Make a bigger difference in the lives of more people in one fell swoop
  7. Green(er) buildings are good for neighborhoods and our planet and create a lighter carbon footprint

Why Invest in Historic 'Green' Multifamily Properties Now?

  1. Greater availability of government incentives, tax credits and funding for building and retrofitting 'green'
  2. The cost of 'greening' a property is now not only feasible but profitable
  3. Sustainability and green buildings are no longer 'fringe' concepts and are more fully embraced by the public
  4. Increased demand for apartment rentals as a result of on-going residential foreclosures
  5. Existence of strong 'buyers' markets for multifamily properties in various metropolitan pockets around the country
  6. Interest rates continue to linger at historically low levels so money is 'cheap'
  7. Commercial foreclosures continue to create solid opportunities for smart purchases of multifamily at excellent price points
  8. More opportunities for seller financing in this economic environment
  9. High performance green buildings will only grow in stature and allure

~ It is time to ACT NOW