Green Retrofit Study

Executive Summary

In 2009, Simcoe Consulting, the firm that serves as Sustainability Advisor to Purple Vetch Properties, was commissioned to do a comprehensive energy and water consumption assessment of a 256 unit apartment complex. (Santee Villas) in Santee, California. Costs for both energy use and water consumption on the property were continuing to increase year over year. In addition, the County of San Diego had just raised the drought warning to a Level Two for San Diego. The local water provider, Padre Dam Water District, had steadily raised water and sewer rates over the past several years. The owners of Santee Villas (R&V) were concerned that increasing rates coupled potential fines and levies for excess water use would threaten their already slim profit margins. Simcoe Consulting was tasked with answering the following:

  1. How could we maximize the energy-efficiency of the property?
  2. What would a green retrofit cost and what was the ROI for the retrofit?
  3. What rebate funds were available to offset the cost of the project?

Once the assessment was completed and the strategy finalized, Simcoe Consulting handled the project management of Phase I of the retrofit. The entire project, from audit to strategy, to final completion took approximately 75 days.

The multifamily property that is the subject of this case study is not presently, nor has ever been, owned by Purple Vetch Properties, LLC, its affiliates or principals. The green retrofit case study is a sample of the work of Jim Simcoe, PVP's Sustainability Advisor, conducted for a client other than PVP, and is offered purely for educational purposes and to demonstrate, in part, a process by which PVP will, in conjunction with Jim Simcoe, implement our 'sustainability' plans throughout our portfolio.